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The Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) is an interdisciplinary field, which deals with the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of computing hardware and software. In this program, students explore the interaction between modern computer science and related technologies that have evolved the mathematical and design principles of engineering into the development of modern computing systems. This is an accredited BSCSE degree program offered through the University Partnership on LCCC’s campus. The degree is offered by The University of Toledo’s Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS). The University of Toledo’s College of Engineering was recently ranked as one of the top four engineering programs in the state of Ohio by the Princeton Review. The 131 semester credit hours of the CSE degree program are offered to students as follows:

  • 69 credit hours of mathematics, science, English, fine arts/humanities, and social science courses will be offered at the LCCC campus by LCCC faculty.
  • 62 credit hours of CSE courses will be offered by the UT EECS Department at LCCC by EECS faculty.
  • Students are dually enrolled and dually admitted, taking UT and LCCC courses simultaneously.

Graduates of the CSE program find careers in the aerospace, automotive, chemical, communication, electronics, manufacturing, and processing industries as well as in government and education. Computer engineers design both the hardware and software for automotive test equipment, biomedical instrumentation, computer networking, computer-aided design systems, computer vision systems, robotics, and more.

Program Sheet


Admission Requirements

Graduating high school seniors and recent graduates need a 3.0 cumulative high school grade point average and a minimum ACT composite score of 22 or 550 New SAT math sub-score. Students must also successfully complete a minimum of four years of high school mathematics (with an emphasis on trigonometry or pre-calculus) and high school chemistry. High school physics is strongly recommended but not required. All high school students are required to have their ACT or SAT test scores submitted to The University of Toledo’s Admission Office for consideration to the CSE program. The above-listed requirements apply to students who have participated in the College Credit Plus (CCP) regardless of the number of credit hours earned or for students with less than 8 semester or 12 quarter college credits who have been out of high school less than 1 year.

The minimum CSE program admission requirements for transfer students with previous college credit (including LCCC) are

  • admission to Lorain County Community College,
  • a cumulative college GPA 3.25 (2.75 – 3.249 with approval)
  • successful completion of Calculus I with a C or better,
  • successful completion of General Chemistry with a C or better.


Application Information

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Official High School and College transcripts along with ACT or SAT scores should be submitted to Adrienne Aguilar at the University Center Ridge Campus, The University of Toledo Partnership Office.


For More Information

For more information or to meet with Adrienne Aguilar, CSE Associate Director, please contact The University of Toledo Partnership office at 1-800-995-5222 (extension 7678) or by email or visit The University of Toledo’s Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department’s website.