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Bachelor of Science Computer Science and Engineering Technology (2 + 2)

The program in Computer Science and Engineering Technology (CSET) includes hardware and software aspects of both computer design and computer applications. Computer design emphasizes the structure of computers and requires expertise in computational applications, digital design, microcomputer systems and computer architectures. Computer applications emphasizes the use of computer software in engineering technology and requires both low-level and high-level programming techniques, the use of mathematical algorithms, and a general knowledge of computer operating systems. The CSET program provides students with an in-depth understanding of computer hardware and software at the machine and system level.

The Computer Science and Engineering Technology bachelor degree program is the first of its kind in Ohio. Graduates of the CSET program are considered engineering technologists and are valuable additions to high-tech corporations throughout the country who are developing, maintaining, and marketing computer systems. Baccalaureate graduates are typically employed as network technologists, telecommunications specialists, network support specialists, LAN administrators, web programmers/designers, web server administrators, network administrators, network engineers, and LAN managers.


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Admission Requirements

Students must have a high school diploma or equivalent degree to qualify for admission to Lorain County Community College. Students must have a 2.0 cumulative grade-point average in their Associate Degree to transfer into the bachelor’s degree program.


Application Information

Students must meet with the CSE Associate Director, Adrienne Aguilar at UPRC in N. Ridgeville.  Admission eligibility will be determined and application instructions will be provided.  Students must apply using a special link specific to the CSE partnership program.  Official High school transcripts,  ACT/SAT scores and all previously attended college transcripts must be submitted to Adrienne.


For More Information

Adrienne Aguilar, CSE Program Manager
The University of Toledo

Myrna Rudder
CSET Advisor
(419) 530-3062