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Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science (3 + 1) [online]

The School of Sport Science and Wellness Education is housed within the College of Health Professions. The exercise science program prepares students for various careers in health and fitness instruction, wellness, personal training, strength and conditioning, and cardiac rehabilitation.

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Jobs and Salary

Parallel LCCC Program

Associate of Applied Science, Sports & Fitness Management

Program Curriculum

Course selection/order may vary. All pathways are subject to change. Always review with your LCCC/Partner advisor. Course location is indicated each semest

DisclaimerThe fluidity of these pathways is acknowledged. At each level, changes are possible as requirements, courses, course numbers, etc. may change. All efforts have been made to confirm the accuracy of the pathway by each institution. Always be aware of the date of review on the document. Always seek the assistance of an Academic Advisor or Counselor.

Semester One Curriculum (Enrolled at LCCC)

LCCC CourseCredit HoursPartner Course EquivalencyCredit Hours
SDEV101: Introduction to the LCCC Community1GN EL 
ENGL 161: College Composition I3ENGL111: English Composition I GNED Writing 
HLED: 156 Health & Wellness2EXER150: Concepts of Health and Fitness 
HPED 165: Intro to Exercise Science3EXER125: Introduction to Exercise Science 
HPED 173: Biomechanics of Resistance Training3Elective 
BIOG 121: Anatomy & Physiology I For 2023-2024 onward: BIOG 221: Anatomy & Physiology I4GNED Natural Science 
Semester Credit Hours Total16  

Semester Two Curriculum (Enrolled at LCCC)

LCCC CourseCredit HoursPartner Course EquivalencyCredit Hours
ENGL 162: College Composition II3ENGL 112: English Composition II GNED Writing 
BIOG 122: Anatomy & Physiology II For 2023-2024 onward: BIOG 122: Anatomy & Physiology II or BIOG 222: Anatomy & Physiology II4BIOL 200: Human Anatomy and Physiology I BIOL 201: Human Anatomy and Physiology I Lab GNED Natural Science 
CMMC 151: Oral Communications3COMM 106: Effective Oral Communication GNED Speech 
MTHM 168: Statistics3MATH 260: Basic Statistics GNED Math, Statistics, and Logic 
HPED 261: Exercise Physiology Foundations3EXER 302: Physiology of Exercise with Lab 
Semester Credit Hours Total16  

Semester Three Curriculum (Enrolled at LCCC)

LCCC CourseCredit HoursPartner Course EquivalencyCredit Hours
HLED 153: First Aid & Safety2BAHA 122: Emergency Responder 
HPED 152: Application of Activities Across a Lifespan3Elective 
HPED 272: Exercise Physiology II3Elective 
HPED 275: Kinesiology3EXER 201: Kinesiology 
PEWL 151: Stress Management1HEDU 202: Stress Management 
PEFT/PEWL Elective1Elective 
PHYL165: Bioethics3PHIL361 Biomedical Ethics* GNED Humanities* 
Semester Credit Hours Total16  


  • PHYL165 includes the (*) notation because it is an UA GNED Humanities direct equivalent to UA’s PHIL361 which is also Complex Issues Facing Society.

Semester Four Curriculum (Enrolled at LCCC)

LCCC CourseCredit HoursPartner Course EquivalencyCredit Hours
BIOG 153: Basic Human Nutrition3NUTR 133: Nutrition Fundamentals
GNED Natural Science
HPED 172: Exercise Management for Special Populations2EXER 355: Exercise in Special Populations 
PSYH 151: Introduction to Psychology3PSYC 100: Introduction to Psychology
GNED Social Science
SOCY 151: Introduction to Sociology3SOCIO 100: Introduction to Sociology
GNED Social Science
GNED Domestic Diversity
PEFT/PEWL Elective1Elective 
HPED 285: Practicum/Seminar Sports/Fitness Prof2EXER 460: Exercise Science Practicum 
PEFT 185: Ropes Course1Elective 
Semester Credit Hours Total15  

 LCCC Degree Attainment – Cumulative Total Credit Hours Earned: 63

Student will have earned the Lorain County Community College Associate of Applied Science in Sports and Fitness Management (#3002) at the conclusion of the above curriculum pathway.

Summer Semester – Semester Curriculum (Enrolled at LCCC)

LCCC CourseCredit HoursPartner Course EquivalencyCredit Hours
AHLN 110: Med Terminology3BAHA 120: Medical Terminology 
HLED 181: Nutrition and Weight Management2EXER 330: Exercise and Weight Control 
Semester Credit Hours Total5  

Semester Five Curriculum (Enrolled at LCCC)

LCCC CourseCredit HoursPartner Course EquivalencyCredit Hours
HPED 265: Prevention & Care of Sports Injuries for the Sports Professional3EXER 240: Principles of Sports Medicine 
HPED 278: Sport and Fitness Certification Prep3EXER 485: Exercise Science Capstone 
HPED 166: Group Exercise Instructor3EXER 327: Exercise Leadership 
HLED 221: Health Promotion & Behavior Change3EXER 220: Health Promotion and Behavioral Change 
HPED 222: Fundamentals of Strength & Conditioning Programming3EXER 352: Strength and Conditional Fundamentals 
Semester Credit Hours Total15  

Semester Six Curriculum (Enrolled at LCCC)

LCCC CourseCredit HoursPartner Course EquivalencyCredit Hours
GNED Global Diversity3GNED Global Diversity 
HPED 164: Introduction to Athletic Coaching3SPRT 160: Intro to Coaching 
GNED Fine Art of Humanities Requirement3GNED Fine Art of Humanities Requirement 
GNED Fine Arts3GNED Fine Arts 
Semester Credit Hours Total12  

Semester Seven Curriculum (Enrolled at UA) [ONLINE]

Partner Course Credit Hours
EXER 400: Musculoskeletal Anatomy I Upper Extremity3
EXER 403: Exercise Testing3
EXER 449: Org & Admin for Health Care Professionals3
SPRT 453: Principles of Coaching3
SPRT 462: Legal Aspects of Physical Activity2
SPRT 420: Fundamental Management Strategies in Sport3
Semester Credit Hours Total17

Semester Eight Curriculum (Enrolled at UA) [ONLINE]

Partner CourseCredit Hours
EXER 401: Musculoskeletal Anatomy II Lower Extremity3
EXER 404: Exercise Prescription3
SPRT 422: Sport Planning & Promotion3
EXER 426: Nutrition for Sports3
SPRT Elective*3
EXER 460: Exercise Science Practicum1
Semester Credit Hours Total16


  • For the course with the (*) notation, student must discuss the major elective course options and selection with the UA UP advisor prior to registration.

UA Degree Attainment – Cumulative Total Credit Hours Earned: 128

Student will have earned the University of Akron Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science degree at the conclusion of the above curriculum pathway.


  • Student must earn the last 30 credit semester hours at the University of Akron.
  • General Education (GNED) courses may have equivalents at Lorain Community College. Please refer to the UA-LCCC Transfer Guide.

Admission Requirements

Students wishing to enroll in the Exercise Science partnership should have completed the LCCC Associate of Applied Science in Sports and Fitness Management.  Students must have earned a minimum of 2.5 overall GPA, a minimum 2.5 GPA in Exercise Science, and earn a grade of “C” or better in all required courses.

Before applying to the UA program, the following courses must be taken at LCCC. (If you have 1 or 2 classes left to take, contact the Akron Advisor for permission to apply now)

  • HPED 165     Introduction to Exercise Science
  • HPED 274      Kinesiology
  • HPED 173      Biomechanics/Resistance Training
  • HLED 153      First Aid & Safety
  • HPED 152      Application of Activities Across a Lifespan
  • HPED 265      Prevent/Care of Sports Injuries
  • HPED 272      Exercise Physiology II
  • PEWL 151 186, 188 or 189,  PEFT 151 Stress Management, Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, or Lifetime Fitness
  • HPED 278      Cert. Prep Course
  • HPED 162      Fundamentals Sports Fitness Man
  • HPED 222      Fund. of Strength and Conditioning
  • AHLN110       Medical Terminology
  • HLED 221      Health Promotion and Behavior Change
  • HPED 261       Exercise Physiology I
  • HPED 166       Group Exercise Instructor
  • HLED 181       Nutrition & Weight Management
  • HPED 172       Exercise for Special Populations
  • HPED 285       Practicum & Seminar
  • HPED 277       Measure & Evaluation

Admission Requirements

Application Information

To apply to the Partnership with Akron, follow the steps below:

  1. Complete an online University of Akron undergraduate application
  2. Apply as a Transfer Student and select the partnership major that begins with “Lorain CCC.”
  3. Pay the $50 non-refundable application fee. If you are Pell-eligible and need assistance with the fee, please apply for the NACAC Transfer Application Fee Waiver. The downloadable form is within the link.
  4. Request all colleges and universities to send an official transcript directly to the University of Akron Admissions.
  5. Once your materials are in, check your email for an admission decision.
  6. You will schedule an advising appointment with your assigned Akron academic advisor.
  7. Not required. However, the Transfer New Student Orientation is available for resources and support services.

Submit all college-level transcripts to:
The University of Akron
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
277 E. Buchtel Ave
Akron, OH 44325

How do I know if I am in the University Partnership?

  • You are following the UP Curriculum Pathway from the associate to the bachelor’s degree.
  • For 2:2 degrees, you have been admitted to the partner institution and have registered for your first classes the upcoming semester, 3rd year of partner classes.  The first day of the 3rd year class, you are officially a UP student.
  • For 3:1 degrees, you are a UP student if you are registered for the 3rd year in either bridgework LCCC classes or UP partner classes. You may not be necessarily admitted with the UP partner just yet.  The first day of the 3rd year of UP or LCCC bridgework class, you are officially a UP student.
  • UP Office will use the email address your partner institution shares with us, which is once a semester, to email out a reminder to you about the UP program supports and services.
  • If you are unsure if you are in the UP, you are welcome to email or call the UP Office to verify your status.

How do I show proof I am a UP student to receive benefits and supports offered at LCCC

  • Go to the Circulation Desk on the 2nd floor of the LCCC Bass Library  (440) 366-4026.
  • Show your class registration for UP classes with the partner institution or LCCC bridgework classes.
  • Bass Library staff will place a color coded sticker on the back of your LCCC or partner institution ID card.  If you have no LCCC or UP ID card, a UP ID card will be issued to you.
  • You will need to get a new sticker (date specific) each semester that you are registered for UP partner classes.
  • An ID card is not required but would be needed if you are seeking benefits and supports at LCCC while in the partnership.
  • Supports and services are for Elyria Campus and the Learning Centers (Community Learning  Center at Lorain High School, Lorain Learning Center at City Center, LCCC Wellington Center, and University Partnership Ridge Campus).

Registration and Scheduling Information

  • Registration in University of Akron courses is limited to those accepted into the partnership programs.  You will work with your assigned adviser to complete registration in the course offerings each semester using your My Akron
  • Some courses may only be offered once per year. Please work with your UA adviser to determine the class selection
  • We would encourage you to work with an LCCC Adviser to receive assistance in the registration of any LCCC courses you continue to take in the program, i.e., General Education Courses

Tuition/Fee information

  • Students taking courses through UA and LCCC must complete an AdHoc Consortium agreement and a transient permission form. Your adviser will assist you in this process each semester
  • All fees are subject to change. Please contact our Office of Student Financial Aid or Student Accounts at Akron if you have additional questions.

For More Information

In-Person Advising at LCCC

The University of Akron academic advisor, Olivia Rado, will be available at LCCC from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., October 3, November 7 and December 5. Schedule an appointment with Olivia.

Prospective Students Advisor

Olivia Rado
(330) 972-6624
Appointment Scheduling – be sure to indicate a “meeting with Olivia Rado” and “University Partnership” or “UP prospective student” in the comments box

For Admitted Students

Lindsay Puz
Schedule an appointment online. The notes indicate you are an LCCC student when scheduling.

See the University of Akron Academic Calendar for important academic dates and deadlines.