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The baccalaureate degree with a major in social work prepares students for entry into beginning, generalist, professional social work practice. Social workers are employed in a variety of settings such as public and private welfare agencies, mental health centers, health care settings, educational systems, correctional institutions, and business and industry. The Social Work Program is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. A baccalaureate degree in social work from an accredited degree program qualifies a person to apply for licensing in the state of Ohio.  Why choose the Social Work Partnership Program.

Program Sheet


Admission Requirements

Students who wish to transfer to Youngstown State University to complete the Bachelor of Social Work degree must be in good standing with at least a 2.0 or higher accumulated grade point average on a 4.0 scale. Those students with less than 2.0 may be considered under probationary conditions. A completed Youngstown State University Undergraduate Application must be submitted. A non-refundable fee is required of first-time applicants. Applicants must also submit all official credentials (high school transcripts or official GED test results, and transcripts of all previous undergraduate education college work) and send them directly to The Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Youngstown State University, Youngstown, OH 44555-0001.  Applying to the YSU/LCCC BSW Social Work Program instructions.  You may also apply online.

Program Admission Requirements

The formal admission of students into the Program takes into account general education requirements and required support courses, as well as criteria established by full-service faculty in the YSU Department of Social Work.

Formal admission to the BSW Program is a selective process that considers objective academic requirements and qualitative attributes specific to the student. Students who have completed requirements necessary for admission and intend to register for SCWK 3736 (Social Work Methods with Individuals) must sign a roster distributed by the instructor of the SCWK 2644 (Human Behavior in the Social Environment II) course. The following objective components are reviewed for completion before admission to the BSW Program can be considered:

  • An overall GPA of 2.5 or better (LCCC and YSU GPA will be taken into consideration).
  • Successful completion (C or better) of the following courses according to sequencing: ENGL 161 and 162; CMMC 151; BIOG 152; SOCY 151; PSYH 151; SOCY 161; PLSC 156; PHLY 174 and 161; RELG 181; SOWK 151 and 251; HMSR 111; and SCWK 2642 and 2644 (YSU courses).
  • Completion and submission of the BSW Program Admission Application by the 4th week of the semester preceding the term in which admission is being requested. Admission applications are available through the SCWK 2644 instructor. Students must also sign the SCWK 3736 list (no later than the 4th week) distributed by the SCWK 2644 instructor.

In addition to reviewing the above materials for completeness, the admissions committee will evaluate qualitative concerns by conducting an admissions interview.  LCCC Partnership program & curriculum information.

New Students

Students interested in this program can schedule an appointment with YSU Advisor, Karla Wyant or phone at (330) 518-7076 to schedule an appointment.  LCCC Partnership BSW Advisement Packet.

Tuition and Fee Schedule

Tuition and fees are subject to change. Please contact the Youngstown State University Bursar’s Office at (330) 941-3313 or refer to the YSU Financial Aid website.

For More Information

Students interested in this program should email Karla Wyant or phone at (330) 518-7076 .