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WGU’s curriculum structure is competency-based, allowing you to apply your existing knowledge and skills to your education. Students transferring from a U.S. community college can expect a comprehensive transfer policy. WGU, in cooperation with the Ohio Association of Community Colleges (OACC), is proud to offer special benefits for OACC member college graduates and employees including eligibility for the WGU Ohio Community College Scholarship

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WGU Grants, Scholarships and Loans

WGU Ohio is pleased to report that students transferring from an Ohio community college to WGU are now eligible to apply for the following Ohio grants, scholarships, and loans in addition to Federal grants and scholarships:

  1. The Ohio College Opportunity Grant (OCOG)
  2. The Ohio Nurse Education Assistance Loan Program (NEALP)
  3. The Ohio War Orphans Scholarship
    • Eligible individuals include full-time undergraduate students pursuing an associate or bachelor’s degree who are the sons or daughters of a deceased or severely disabled Ohio veteran who served in the United States armed forces during a period of declared war or conflict.

Learn more about WGU Ohio Student Eligibility for state support

This state support is in addition to longstanding Federal Aid.