Coursework in Foreign Languages

Courses will be offered for the following languages:

  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Russian

Variable credit is awarded by The Ohio State University (OSU) for these courses based on the successful completion of modules. One module of completion is equivalent to one credit. Credit earned from completion of these courses can be applied toward an undergraduate degree at either OSU or another four year institution. Obtain Transcripts

For more information about scheduling and availability of courses for these languages, please contact the Rebecca Bias, Assistant Director,  Center for Languages, Literature, and Cultures at 614-292-4137 or at Bias.3@osu.edu

Program Sheet


Application Information

Students wishing to complete Foreign Languages Courses can be admitted as Guest Students by OSU’s Office of Extended Education.

The Application for Admission.


Registration and Scheduling Information

Information regarding registration will be provided by the OSU Office of Extended Education upon receiving acceptance of admissions as a Guest Student. All courses are offered using an Individualized Learning Instruction format.  Individualized programs offer self-paced, mastery-based language learning courses designed to mirror the content of courses offered in the classroom. Each course is the equivalent in content and in credit hours to the classroom-track course at the same level.


Tuition and Fee Schedule

Information concerning tuition and fees