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  • Bachelor of Science in Fire & Safety Engineering Technology Online Degree


Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education (Birth-5) Online Degree

This program is designed to build on associate degree competencies to enhance professionals’ ability to design and implement developmentally appropriate learning environments for children ages birth-5 years. Students are usually practitioners working in preschools and other child-care and educational settings.

Graduates will be able to facilitate positive transitions of children with disabilities and special needs, to nurture early language development and early reading and writing and other growth in other domains, to build early resiliency and self-regulation and to develop as early childhood stakeholder leaders.

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Admission Requirements

All transfer students must have a 2.5 cumulative grade point average (GPA) for all college work attempted. Application deadlines are as follow for Transfers: fall semester – July 1; spring semester – November 1; summer semester – March 1.

UC operates on a semester system, with 14-week grading periods.  Fall semester will begin late August and end mid-December;  Spring semester will begin in early January and end in late April; Summer semester will begin in early May and end in early August.

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For More Information

Students interested in this degree program can contact the University of Cincinnati’s College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services at:

University of Cincinnati
2110 One Edwards Center
PO Box 210105
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0105
Phone: 513-556-2336
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Tuition and Fee Schedule

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Bachelor of Science in Fire & Safety Engineering Technology Online Degree

The Fire Service Program (distance learning courses, and one-week residencies each July) adds a high degree of flexibility and convenience to your professional development while maintaining the level of quality and effectiveness consistent with a traditional approach.

Fire and EMS Administration credit courses are taken in a distance-learning format using Blackboard interactive software. Written assignments and projects provide a continual indication of progress and form the basis of an ongoing relationship between professor and student. Telephone consultations and optional summer one-week residency classes are used to supplement the learning process.

Courses outside the Fire and EMS Administration requirements and electives required for the bachelor’s degree should be taken either at LCCC or by continuing the open learning method through various distance-learning options. All courses must be pre-approved by appropriate department heads.

The University of Cincinnati’s Fire Service Program is offered in conjunction with the National Fire Academy’s degree program must have an associate degree in fire science (or the equivalent):
Transfer students must be in good standing according to standards of the colleges from which they wish to transfer and must have a minimum 2.5 grade point average. Transfer students must complete a minimum of 40 credit hours at UC.

An Application should be submitted online 

Program Sheet

Contact Information

Kathy Angne, 513-556-6583

Fire Science & Emergency Management