Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts in Biology (3 + 1)

This baccalaureate degree program is designed to provide training in the major areas of biology while allowing sufficient flexibility to accommodate the specific interests of individual students. All majors are required to take the biology core plus genetics. The degree program requires a student to take at least one course in three major areas:  the biology of organisms; ecology, evolution and behavior; cell and regulatory biology. Additional courses allow the student to be exposed to the broad spectrum of biology through an array of advanced courses.  The degree program, with some modifications, also will enable students to meet the course requirements for pre-professional (medical, dental, veterinary) graduate study.

The program is based on a cohort model, where students follow a set of courses beginning in year one and progress through the program together. Approximately three-fourths of the courses are LCCC courses, with the remaining hours being offered by BGSU. Students need a minimum of 30 semester hours of BGSU courses to graduate, most at the 3000 and 4000 levels, primarily in the sciences.

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Parallel LCCC Program

Associate of Arts

Associate of Science

Program Curriculum (2023-2024 pathways forthcoming)

Associate of Arts to Bachelor of Arts in Biology Curriculum Pathway

Associate of Science to Bachelor of Science in Biology Curriculum Pathway

Admission Requirements

  • It is best that a student apply a semester before their desired start term. It is suggested that a student should reach out to the BGSU office of admissions to have an unofficial evaluation done of their credits. This will allow the student and transfer specialist to decide what semester could be the best term to start.
  • College-level credit from any regionally accredited college or university will be accepted and applied to either general education, major coursework, or elective credits.
  • High School Diplomas are required for all majors under the College of Arts and Sciences. The college will evaluate these transcripts to see if any additional credit can be awarded based on what the student took during their time in high school.
    • High School Diplomas are required of all students who have completed less than 30 credit hours post-high school graduation upon applying to BGSU.
  • ACT/SAT scores are only required if transferring with under 12 earned credit hours post-high school graduation.
  • 2.0 cumulative GPA
  • There are no requirements to start taking courses in the Biology field. It is suggested that you complete the following courses so you can focus on those of a higher level: BIOG 161, BIOG 162, BIOG 275

The BGSU Advising guide can be used to determine the applicability of LCCC courses toward the bachelor of science and bachelor of arts degrees with a major in biology at BGSU.

Application Procedures

To apply to the Partnership, follow the steps below:

  1. Schedule an appointment with the BGSU biology advisor.  Contact details are below.
  2. Apply one semester before you wish to enroll in BGSU courses.
  3. After an appointment with the advisor, complete an online BGSU Transfer Application
    • Select “Biology at Lorain County Community College” to identify you as a partnership student.
  4. Once the application and all required documents are in, an admission decision will be made in approximately two weeks.
  5. You should sign up for a virtual transfer onboarding session through Slate to learn more about resources and support services.

Submit all college-level transcripts to:
Bowling Green State University
Office of Admissions
200 University Hall
Bowling Green, OH 43403

How do I know if I am in the University Partnership?

  • You are following the UP Curriculum Pathway from the associate to the bachelor’s degree.
  • For 2:2 degrees, you have been admitted to the partner institution and have registered for your first classes the upcoming semester, 3rd year of partner classes.  The first day of the 3rd year class, you are officially a UP student.
  • For 3:1 degrees, you are a UP student if you are registered for the 3rd year in either bridgework LCCC classes or UP partner classes. You may not be necessarily admitted with the UP partner just yet.  The first day of the 3rd year of UP or LCCC bridgework class, you are officially a UP student.
  • UP Office will use the email address your partner institution shares with us, which is once a semester, to email out a reminder to you about the UP program supports and services.
  • If you are unsure if you are in the UP, you are welcome to email or call the UP Office to verify your status.

How do I show proof I am a UP student to receive benefits and supports offered at LCCC

  • Go to the Circulation Desk on the 2nd floor of the LCCC Bass Library  (440) 366-4026.
  • Show your class registration for UP classes with the partner institution or LCCC bridgework classes.
  • Bass Library staff will place a color coded sticker on the back of your LCCC or partner institution ID card.  If you have no LCCC or UP ID card, a UP ID card will be issued to you.
  • You will need to get a new sticker (date specific) each semester that you are registered for UP partner classes.
  • An ID card is not required but would be needed if you are seeking benefits and supports at LCCC while in the partnership.
  • Supports and services are for Elyria Campus and the Learning Centers (Community Learning  Center at Lorain High School, Lorain Learning Center at City Center, LCCC Wellington Center, and University Partnership Ridge Campus).

For More Information

Dr. Dan Pavuk – 
Virtual or In-Person Campus Tour of Bowling Green State University

Jessica Patton Hoffman-
Schedule an appointment with Jessica

In person Advising with BGSU
Jessica Hoffman will be on LCCC’s campus on, September 13, October 19th, November 21 and December 6.

Webinars, Next Steps and Helpful Information (Non-UP programs)

See the Bowling Green State University Academic Calendar for important academic dates and deadlines.  

Tuition and Fee Schedule

All fees are subject to change. Please consult the Bowling Green State University Bursar’s webpage to view the current tuition and fees.