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The Certificate in Health Care Management is a collaborative program between the College of Health and Human Services and the Williamson College of Business Administration. The program accommodates students from health and human service professions who require the skills and abilities for supervisory/managerial positions or who desire competence in health promotion. After completion of an academic core of course work, students may concentrate in either health promotion or administration for health and human service professions.


Admission Requirements for the Certificate in Health Care Management

A bachelor’s degree is required for this certificate. Applications should be processed through the School of Graduate Studies. Courses can be applied to the Master of Health and Human Services degree.  In order to take courses for the Certificate students must apply and be accepted into the MHHS program.


For More Information

Students interested in this program should email  Dr. Joseph Lyons, Graduate Program Director, or phone at (330) 941-3658.

Non-payment of tuition and fees by the payment-due date will result in schedule cancellation.