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LCCC is proud to partner with the Community College of the Air Force to offer online courses that meet the CCAF general education requirements for the Associate of Applied Science degree.

GEM Courses

LCCC’s online courses may be offered in 8, 10, or 16 week formats.

For specific course dates, see the online Course Schedule.

ENGL 161 – College Composition I
ENGL 162 – College Composition II

CMMC 151 – Oral Communication

MTHM 158 – Quantitative Reasoning
MTHM 168 – Statistics

ECNM 151 – Principles of Macroeconomics
ECNM 152 – Principles of Microeconomics
HSTR 151G – Civilization I
HSTR 152G – Civilization II
HSTR 161 – United States I
PLSC 151G – Comparative Politics
PLSC 155 – State and Local Government
PLSC 156 – American National Government
PSYH 151 – Intro to Psychology
SOCY 151G – Intro to Sociology

HUMS 151G – Intro to Humanities
HUMS 274 – Film Appreciation
HUMS 281 – Intro to American Cinema
PHLY 151G – Intro to Philosophy
PHLY 161 – Intro to Ethics
PHLY 174 – Critical Thinking
RELG 181G – Intro to World Religion
THTH 185G – Theater History

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Get Started

Follow the admission checklist below to get started. 

  1. Find Out if you may take LCCC Online courses if you live outside Ohio.
    Please contact eLearning    
  2. Apply to LCCC
    Complete the LCCC Application if you have never applied or have never completed an LCCC credit course.   
  3. Choose Your Class
    Select the LCCC course(s) you want to take which will satisfy your CCAF general education requirements.   
  4. Contact the Veteran and Military Service Member Center
    The VMSMC will assist with you completing your Air Force Tuition Assistance.   
  5. Contact Your LCCC Advisor
    Your advisor will assist you with selecting your and enrolling in your GEM courses. Your advisor will also assist you with:


Contact Us

Please contact us if you have any questions about the GEM courses available at LCCC. 

Felicia Mitcheff
Enrollment Specialist
Phone: (440) 366-4818