If You Withdraw

If you withdraw from one or more courses after the end of the add/drop period and receive grades that do not count toward graduation requirements, you may have to repay all benefits for the course(s).

You may not have to repay the benefits if you show that the change was due to reasons beyond your control.

The reasons must be unavoidable and unexpected events that directly interfered with your enrollment.

Examples of reasons that may be accepted are:

  • Call to Active Duty Service
  • Extended illness
  • Severe illness or death in your immediate family
  • Unscheduled changes in your employment
  • Lack of child-care

Examples of reasons that may not be accept are:

  • Withdrawal to avoid a failing grade
  • Dislike of the instructor
  • Too many courses attempted.

Note: You may be asked to furnish information to support your reason for a change. If a serious injury or illness caused the change, obtain your doctor’s statement. If a change in employment caused the change, obtain your employer’s statement. If called to Active Duty, obtain a copy of your orders.

We Can Excuse

The first time you withdraw from up to 6 credit hours, the VA office will excuse the withdrawal and pay benefits for the period attended. This only applies to the first withdrawal.

Grades You Receive

If you receive a grade(s) that does not count toward graduation, you may have to repay all benefits for the course(s). Common examples of grades not used to compute graduation requirements are:

  • An “I” grade for an incomplete grade that is not made up within one year from receipt. Any incomplete grade not made up will automatically be converted to an F grade.
  • A “W” grade for withdrawing from the class. Benefits will be paid through the last date of attendance if the VA approves your statement of mitigating circumstances. If the VA does not approve your mitigating circumstances, you will be held liable for repayment of all benefits received for that course. You must report the last date you attended the class to the VA Certifying Official within two weeks after the date you last attended the class. Failure to provide the last date of attendance for a withdrawal will result in a forfeit of all benefits for that course.
  • An “AU” or other grade for auditing.