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  • Note that your curriculum code is required to complete this form. The curriculum code is a reference number (no letters) for your degree or certificate program.

Degree and Certificate Programs at LCCC

Curriculum Codes

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  • Your Assigned Academic Advisor can be found on your MyCampus Account
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  • (See the link above for the list of Majors)
  • (4-digit number - See the link above for the list of Curriculum Codes/Majors)
  • If you are uncertain if the courses you have registered for are required in your degree, you should consult with your advisor before requesting enrollment certification.
  • Note: If you stop attending class and receive a failing grade, VA will not pay for that class. If you withdraw, be sure to advise your SCO about any mitigating circumstances. Changes to your schedule may affect your monthly benefits and payment rates.
  • If this is a University Partnership Program, please provide the information below

  • Enter each course below (i.e.: Course Abbreviation and Number HLED 151 Credit Hours 3). Click the Plus Sign to add additional courses.
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  • If you are a new student, have you used your G.I. Benefits at another college?
    Note: If so, you will need to complete VA Form: 22-1995 Change of Program/Place of training.

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