LCCC, through the Enrollment, Financial, and Career Services Division Veterans’ Certifying Team and under the direction of the Provost/Vice President for Academic and Learner Services, will monitor/enforce standard practices for determining satisfactory progress and conduct of eligible persons receiving Veterans Administration benefits.

Enrollment, Financial, and Career Services Division Veterans’ Certifying Team (VCT) will develop, publicize and administer the institutional policies regarding continued pursuit and progress being made by Veterans Administration students. Punitive grades are reported to VA when a student has stopped attending and has not officially withdrawn from a class. Our office is obligated to report unearned punitive grades. This applies to on campus as well as online courses. Not attending classes will affect your GPA and create a debt repayment to VA.

College policy and academic records maintained to reflect the progress of enrolled Veterans Administration shall be the same as those prescribed for all LCCC students and shall contain grades for all classes attempted, together with the number of accumulated credit hours and the cumulative GPA.

In addition, Enrollment, Financial, and Career Services Division will maintain all school records pertaining to enrollment certification and change of status of each enrolled Veterans Administration student. The College policy relative to Standards of Progress for Veterans will be as follows:

The Veterans Administration (VA) requires that all veterans receiving veterans’ benefits make satisfactory progress in pursuit of a degree objective. Class attendance is required to maintain satisfactory progress. The Veterans Administration student unable to attend class is required to initiate a formal withdrawal in accordance with the College withdrawal policy, and to notify the VCT of the last date of attendance. If formal withdrawal is not initiated by the student, faculty will notify the VCT of the last date of attendance.

In accordance with the guidelines set forth for school Standards of Progress, students receiving veterans’ benefits will be held to the same standards as all other LCCC students. However, for the purpose of Veterans Administration payments, applicants for Veterans Administration certification with 45 credit hours attempted or greater must earn and maintain a GPA of 2.0 or higher in order to be certified for veterans’ payments. Certification for purposes of Veterans Administration payment require students who have attempted 16-29 credit hours to maintain a GPA no less than 1.6 or greater.

A student who has attempted 30-44 credit hours must earn and maintain a GPA of 1.75 or greater. A veteran who fails to earn the minimum GPA (as previously noted), will not be certified to receive veterans’ benefits. The only exception to this policy is for previous LCCC students who were on academic probation but were not using Veterans Administration benefits who return to LCCC with the intent to use VA benefits.

These students must show progress toward the minimum GPA and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, but must show a minimum 2.0 GPA per semester. Veterans’ Certifying Team members at LCCC are in constant communication with the Ohio State Approving Agency for Veterans’ Training in Columbus, Ohio, which monitors the academic progress of veterans applying for certification for the purpose of veterans’ benefit payments.

All Veterans Administration students notified of failure to meet standards of progress will be notified by Enrollment, Financial, and Career Services Division Veterans’ Certifying Team and encouraged to pursue personal and academic counseling and possible enrollment in a tutorial program or other study skill activity as deemed advisable.

  • The Veterans Administration student is responsible to notify the VCT of any changes in credit load status or educational goals.
  • The Veterans Administration student is to pursue only those courses required for attainment of her/his particular educational goal.
  • The Veterans Administration student is not permitted to receive the Veterans Administration payment for audited coursework.

The Veterans Administration student is responsible for knowing her/his eligibility for VA educational benefits and her/his financial responsibility to Lorain County Community College for any tuition and charges not covered by her/his Veteran’s benefits.

The Veterans Administration student is not permitted to repeat a course in which a passing grade has been received or for which credit has been granted. A letter grade of “D” is considered a passing grade by Veterans Administration regulations. There are limited exceptions to this rule.

The college academic records maintained by LCCC shall reflect the following data concerning Veterans Administration student progress:

  • There shall be recorded a final grade for each course attempted except those dropped within the first 12 weeks of any semester.
  • The dates of partial withdrawal and complete withdrawal shall be maintained on the formal withdrawal slip and also on the registration form for the semester.