Do you have:

  • Pell Grant or Student Loan?
  • Money left over in your financial aid this semester after paying for tuition and books?
  • A financial emergency?

If you answered yes, you may qualify for the Women’s Link Emergency Loan Program.

Please call or stop by Women’s Link to apply for an emergency loan.

(440) 366-4035
Business Building room 113


Emergency Loan Fund Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a student enrolled in good standing at Lorain County Community College (e.g. not on academic probation, still eligible for financial aid, meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements, etc.).
  • Must have an institutional source of repayment (money left in a Pell grant or federal student loan).
  • Loans must be used for the purpose of ensuring that the borrower is able to remain enrolled at Lorain County Community College.
  • Students may not apply for Women’s Link loan until the first day of the student’s classes.
  • First-time LCCC attendees (with no record of successful course completion) may borrow only $100.
  • Qualifying students may borrow up to $1,000 per 12 month period but no more than $500 per semester.  Eligible students may only borrow one loan per semester within the maximums allowed.
  • For loan amounts over $100, the borrower must have at least 1½ times the amount they wish to borrow remaining in a Pell grant or student loan (after any other outstanding on-campus loans).  For example, a student requesting $200 would have to have at least $300 left in her/his Pell grant or student loan.  Additionally, the borrower must have completed a minimum number of credit hours and meet minimum GPA requirements for a loan.  See the Women’s Link Loan Eligibility Chart on reverse for details.
  • Prospective borrowers who are not currently meeting SAP will not be eligible for a Women’s Link loan.
  • Students must meet minimum cumulative GPA and course completion rates to maintain eligibility to receive financial aid and a Women’s Link loan.
  • As the lender, Women’s Link will inquire about the need for the loan.  All information will be kept confidential, appearing only in summary form as necessary on loan paperwork.  Any suspected lack of honesty can lead to immediate ineligibility.
  • Students with any unpaid financial obligations to the College are not eligible to receive a loan from Women’s Link.  A borrower whose Women’s Link loan is sent to collections will not be eligible for future Women’s Link loans until the obligation is repaid and the student has successfully completed 15 credit hours over at least 2 semesters after the repayment of the loan.  Additionally, the maximum loan amount for future loans for these borrowers will be $100.
  • A student receiving a Women’s Link loan is responsible for the repayment of the loan.  Unpaid loans are sent to LCCC Bursar’s Office who will attempt to collect payment from the borrower.  If the loan is still not repaid, it will be sent to the Ohio Attorney General’s Office and the borrower will be unable to register for classes at LCCC until the loan is repaid.
  • Application Process: Complete the top portion of the Emergency Loan Application (bottom half must be completed by Financial Aid Office).  Schedule appointment to meet with Women’s Link staff member and complete loan application process.  Women’s Link staff will verify eligibility by checking enrollment, grade point average, Satisfactory Academic Progress status, etc.  Completion of the application form should not be construed as guaranteeing eligibility for a Women’s Link loan.  If approved, checks are typically available 3 to 5 business days after submission of all loan paperwork but processing times vary.  A staff member will call you unless you have requested otherwise.  A photo ID is required and only the applicant may pick up the check.  LCCC will not cash emergency loan checks.
  • Loans are available for those who qualify while funds remain and until Financial Services begins the disbursement process.
  • Final approval of eligibility is at the discretion of the Women’s Link Coordinator.



Borrowers must meet credit hour, GPA and SAP criteria to receive Women’s Link loans.

Loan Amount  Minimum Credit Hours Completed  Minimum Accumulated GPA Meet SAP Requirements
$1 – $100 0 None Yes
$101 – $200 6 1.5 Yes
$201 – $400 20 2.0 Yes
$401 – $500 35 2.5 Yes

Effective 1/16/18

Women’s Link reserves the right to amend, revise and interpret this chart as needed.


For More Information:

Stop by Women’s Link in BU 113 or call (440) 366-4035

***Loan walk-ins start the first day of classes***

The Women’s Link Emergency Loan  Program is sponsored in part by The Lorain County  Community College Foundation