Going to college is a big transition, especially when life starts adding other problems on top of it that we didn’t foresee. Whether the problem is big or small, Men’s Link is here to help.

My name is Chris Wenz; I am the Men’s Link information support specialist. It is my job to use the Men’s Link resources to get you the help you need. Men’s Link is free information and referral service. Like Women’s Link, we provide information and referral to a large variety of resources offered through LCCC and within your community.  We can help out when emergencies pop up for issues such as:

  • Emergency loans
  • Legal services
  • Childcare
  • Employment assistance
  • Financial issues
  • Health care
  • Food
  • Housing referrals
  • And many more

Whether your situation is academic or personal, everything we discuss is confidential.

I am here to give you the information and tools you need to be successful. We can help you with any problem life may have thrown at you.

Call or stop by to see me or any of my colleagues at Women’s Link today!

Business Building, Room 113 (BU113)

Contact info:
800-995-5222 ext. 7656